In the 50's Giovanni Tagliabue cooperated as a cabinet maker to  the construction of facilities for radio valves for famous brands such as Philips, Irradio, Minerva, and Phonola Seleco.

The warehouse was designed and built in collaboration with Philips and it is still the company headquarters. Eight thousand covered meters studied by following the processing cycle of the panel: from stock of the raw material up to the packaging of the finished furniture.

Until the 80's, the company remains a leader in the production of wooden structures TVs. Up to 1000 television of various sizes and finishes were made per day. It began to specialize in the technology of folding, a technique with which were made all the facilities.

At the same time the internal polishing increased and Tagliabue F.lli became  one of the first companies to polish polyester in Brianza. With the advent of plastic for the production of television sets, the company  began to turn his offer to retail chains and big brands of furniture: in fact even then the flexibility and specialization in various stages of processing, allowed the company to present itself as an ideal partner from large serial productions  to production of the project. Even today, with the third generation of Tagliabue in the company, the Tagliabue F.lli provides its expertise and that of its 50 employees to the  customers with the best service possible.