Tagliabue Fratelli  is a historic company in Brianza specialized in the production of modern furniture for third parties. Located in Meda, a city of furniture and Italian design, working with the most prestigious brands of furniture, producing semi-finished or finished products ready to be delivered to the customer.

The entire production cycle is completed internally: from cutting to drilling, the polishing assembly. Inside the building there is also a technical qualified staff department that works for the engineering of all productions, according to the needs of each customer.

Tagliabue F.lli has  a high degree of flexibility, which allows it to manage not only the serial productions, dedicated to the residential sector, but also the achievements custom-made for the specific contract. In addition to finished furniture, such as containers, cabinets, beds, tables, cabinets, Tagliabue F.lli can provide several stages of processing, in particular, the company is specialized in FOLDING process. With the help of experts and professionals dedicated machines any material production can be folded.

It’s also given the opportunity to provide spaces for both the logistics of both semi-finished products.

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